Homemaid Hair Regrowth Tonic

We often come across many synthetic products on daily basis, although we are very particular about choosing our hair products, nowadays people are suffering from several hair related issues and keep experimenting with the products available in the market, I’ve come up with an idea of hair tonic which will ensure hair regrowth, just after 3 usage. One should apply this hair tonic weekly or two times in a week. Just apply this tonic all over the scalp and length of hair let it dry for an hour and wash it with mild shampoo. Its influence on your hair will be paramount if you follow proper diet and regular exercises like “Surya Namaskar” or “Sarwang ashan”.  Sarwang ashan is considered best for hair and eyes. So let’s learn how to prepare this tonic.

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Homemaid Hair Regrowth Tonic
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Prep Time 5 Minutes
  1. Take all the ingredients
  2. Cut the foremost part or edge of aloe vera, as it contains yellow juice which is not good for skin or hair.
  3. Cut aloe vera and put its pulp in a grinding jar or use hand chopper. Here I've used hand chopper.
  4. Roughly chop the slices of onion.
  5. Add lemon juice.
  6. Add coconut oil.
  7. Grind them.
  8. Grind ingredients are ready.
  9. Take a thin cotton cloth and transfer this into another container.
  10. Segregate the juice from the pulp.
  11. Hair tonic is ready.
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