Okra Mustard Paste Curry (Bhindi Sarso Masala Curry) Recipe
Servings Prep Time
2People 10Minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
2People 10Minutes
Cook Time
  1. Take all the ingredients as shown in the image.
  2. In a grinding jar add tomato, ginger, garlic, green chili and mustard seeds and grind them into a fine paste.
  3. Wash okra and cut their front and tip.
  4. Put the slit in between the piece of okra.
  5. Cut all the okras in the same manner.
  6. Heat a tsp of oil in a pan.
  7. Add okra pieces and fry them.
  8. when then turns golden brown then remove it from the oil.
  9. In the same pan add panch phoran and let them splutter.
  10. Add grind ingredients in the pan and let them cook for some time.
  11. When the oil starts separating from the spices it the alarming time to add water into it.
  12. When water starts boiling add friend okra and cook it for another few minutes and switch off the flame.
  13. Add lemon juice into it.
  14. Sprinkle coriander leaves and serve it with boiled rice or chapatis.
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