How To Preserve Leafy Vegetables For Long Duration

We often preserve green leafy vegetables in refrigerator but still after a week can’t restrain their decay. This preservation technique will make your leafy vegetables stay green and fresh up-to 30 days. I am using an airtight container and thin tissue papers to preserve these leafy vegetables. Watch our the video on preservation technique.


  • Chopped leafy vegetables (Do not wash them)
  • Airtight Container
  • Tissue Papers

How does this technique work:

The layers of tissue paper absorbs the moisture content of leafy vegetables and airtight container will create a vacuum so that the freshness will be maintained. This process will not allow them to decay early. After this process refrigerate it and when you want to use wash them and use.

Watch how to preserve leafy vegetables up to 30 days on  YouTube

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  1. Great information Subhra for healthy India.

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