Krishna Janmashtami (Things one should know)

Janmashtami is the festival of India celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna who is eight incarnation of Sri Hari Vishnu, the day is observed on the ashtami (eighth day) of  Shravana month which falls in the month of August/September.


People celebrate Jamashtami with great devotion, on this day Krishna devotees keep fasting and put lord Krishna childhood murti (idol) on swing, in Maharashtra (India) people play Dahi Handi game just to enact the incidence from Krishna childhood and in a earthen pot put curd and sugar, many youngsters participate to break that pot. In Gujarat (India) people prepare 56 bhoog (edible) for lord krishna and after offering it to lord they distribute it among people.

People take holy bath and donate food and clothings to poor people. Devotees sing bhajan praising Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha Rani. The story of birth of lord Krishna is very miraculous, as Sri Hari incarnated in his, as it is form. Lord Krishna is the Guru of planet Sun, who bestowed the divine knowledge of all vedas, upnishads, puran and Bhagwat Gita to him, but later on it got vanished due to movement of time, so again he reincarnated and during Treta Yug he bestowed Gita saar to Arjuna. Gita is the repository of every question of life and beyond life. One despite of religion, caste and creed should read Gita to acquire knowledge.

There are many doubts being cleared by lord to arjun in this divine book which can not be described in this small article but one question which I think one should know through this article on the eve of Krishna Janmashtami. As most of the people always question that they are preaching going temples but not getting any answer why? So read this!

Once Arjun asked a question to lord Krishna that, why we should preach if we have to get the fruit of our karma (deeds). Lord replied there are always an outcome of any preaching, and preaching is eternal it may be yajna, ahuti and karma kand, it may be one’s doing their duty, it may be one’s bhakti or eternal love I accept it. One can offer preaching to Lord Krishna by:

1) Bhakti Or Love

2) Doing their duty ( Completely devoted toward the duty being assigned)

3) Chanting of Mantras.

If one preach any Gods or Goddess Lord accept it by discarding the bad deeds of past lives and present sufferings and ease his or her life. It is not necessary that you have to preach only Lord Krishna which ever form you preach it ultimately being offered to Lord Sri Hari and he accepting it, complete the wishes.

When arjun was in dilemma that what should he do in Kurukchetra how he can fight against his loved once, then Lord krishna showed his viraat roop the eternal form which was depicting the outcome of this war, and he visualized the placate as well as the raudra roop (Scary form) where every one who was dying being engulfed by Sri Hari raudra roop, which made him shaken and in that vibrating voice requested to Lord Krishna that vanish this scene and requesred to come up with the same form which he think is harmonious.

In the same reference there is a story of conversation between Vivekanand and his teacher Rama Krishna Param Hansh:

Once Vivekanand asked his guru Ram Krishna Param Hansh, that you have such powder to talk to Godess Kali and you even talk to her everyday, then why don’t you ask her to discard the problem of your throat cancer, why dont you ask her to offer that problem to me on behalf of you. Then Param hansh replied this was evil deeds of my past life and if I will ask her to remove this suffering then she will do it now, but I will have to again take birth to suffer the same, so I want to suffer this pain in this life just to make myself free from my bad deeds.

So always trust lord and your virtuous deeds, as there is no friend like lord who will give us sanctimonious way of life. Happy Janmashtami Jai Sri Krishna!!

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