Why We Should Not Try to Emulate Gods And Goddess

  • श्रीमदभगवतगीता के तीसरे आधाय मे वर्णित है कि हमे भगवान का अनुकरण नही अपितु अनुसरण करना चाहिए! According to the third chapter of Bhagwat Gita we should never emulate Gods and Goddess rather we should follow them.
  • These words have very thin line of difference, we should never try to imitate but we should follow almighty. I know these words can only be understood by erudite people, but nowadays elite erudite can also not understand it because they think reading puranas, upnishads, shastras etc are out of fashion.
  • Those who are writing motivational books and famous write ups these days, are also taking reference of our scriptures (by learning hindi and sanskrit languages).
  • When no other texts and scriptures got their relevance then there were vedas. When no other languages got their relevance there was Sanskrit language.
  • I am very trivial to take the reference from the pious books, but as people nowadays are misguidedly speaking evil things or unnecessary details about Sri Hari and his incarnations hence I wanted them to know certain details, although I often think that those who are non believers they should fend off offering any views about unexplored or unknown topics, one should grab enough knowledge to support or deny any verdicts. But I hope this article will break all the dilemma, superstition and will show the framework of knowledge up-to some extent.

We often listen from people saying that, we are smoking and drinking alcohol as it indicates Lord Shiva, but as we know we can never be like him we should never even try to become like him as he is the Mahakaal that means he is having the work of destruction, he accepted very dangerous (विष) lethal poison halahal (हलाहल) also known as kaalkut (कालकूट) that’s why we often associate lord Shiva with such things. It is not even bearable if certain insect bites us so how we can compare ourselves with lord Shiva, but we should follow him as he is the portrait of truth, he always helps those who comes in his asylum/shelter without differentiating between dev (देव ) or danav (दानव). This shows we should never emulate lord but we should follow them.


I am feeling shameful and always damn on those,who says they are lord Krishna or Radha Rani as few in this era are even being followed and even preached by misleading people, and being offered respect. But in puranas there are several penance for these kinds of people. I simply wanted to clear here that we are not having such virtuous deeds and virtuous body to imitate lord as we can not bear the things being done by them. I often come across silly people who makes mockery on the term Rashlila (रासलीला) but I wanted them to probe our bhagwat purana to know the actual truth, during Rashlila Lord Krishna was just 12 years old and its meaning is an adieu from all the Gopi who were actually the yoga maya (योगा माया) of lord Sri Hari.


Finally concluding, I wanted to show my purpose of writing this article i.e. respect for one’self and for others. We are here to do the virtuous deeds not to appease everyone but just to appease our Sri Hari. We are here for a purpose to gather knowledge immense knowledge, as this whole life is not rife (परिपूर्ण) to read and understand all the vedas, purans, shastras etc. But we should at least try contributing our precious time in gathering true knowledge and offering true respect to others, so never hate and spread hatred instead spread knowledge and love among people. If every one will start respecting others and others culture then there will be no place for war and wrong deeds. If every mother will be literate then she will teach good things to their children’s. People says that we Sanatani (सनातनी) offer prayers to everything we concede Sun as lord, earth as lord, wind as lord, river body as lord, statue as lord etc. But I wanted them to know that these things are portrayed by lord and we are here to offer respect. Lord is only one that is our Sri Hari, but we offer due respect to his creations which ultimately being given to him. We find these offerings valuable for human being so we preach and preaching means to keep them clean and pure, thus respect others and get respect in return.

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