Goloka – The Residence of Supreme God

We often fall in illusion of this material world and forget our main motto of life, entangled in responsibilities and mesmerized in reverie most of the realities become myth. We try to find cipher happiness and this visible world seems everything to us, but in the hustle and bustle of our life we forget the purpose of our existence. Have we ever wondered who we are? What we are? What is our purpose on this earth? What is the eternal power which guides us? We often come across the dilemma in life, we often search for the answer of certain questions, some enigmatic facts but never get the clear view ! Let’s see what is written in the 8th adhaya of Bhagavad Gita, what our puranas and other divine scripts explains about real enlightenment.

KARANA ocean or Cosmic Sea:

Most of us may be surprised to know, that our Puranas has explained the total of 10 dimensions in this cosmic sea, Above this universe there are multiverse which is covering this whole cosmic sea and our hindu mythology (As no other synonym for this) defines this cosmic sea as KARANA Ocean, which is explained in Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Chatanya Charit Amrit , Srila Prabhupada etc.

According to the puranas we live in third dimension of this cosmic sea, and the 4th dimension is the time which keeps on changing, after death person enters into the 4th dimension of the space and they can be able to see the 3D space but can not do anything or can not affect it but can see how the world is changing, and those who does evil work they descends into pret yoni (explained in Srimad Bhagavatam). As per Rigveda there are several other details which are very intense and can be understood by erudite people, as most of us can not trust the thing which we can not see but beyond our imagination there are things which can not be visible but exists.

Coming to the 5th Dimension which acts as middle planet which accompany with lower and higher planet it coincide with Swargloka, Tapaloka,Satyaloka etc, and some lower planets are Pataal Loka, Attalaloka, Vitalaloka, Sutala, Rasaatala , Talatal, Mahatal, Naraka etc. All these lokas are being looked after by lord Vishnu who resides in Garbhodaka ocean.

But as per the String theory or Rigveda there are several universe which is floating in the cosmic sea or KARANA Ocean, So this Multiverse is looked after by Lord Maha Vishnu, Who resides in the 6th Dimension. It is said that all the universe in the KARANA ocean rests on the cowl of anant shesh. Those who attends Moksh that is transcendental realization which means getting rid of vicious cycle of death and rebirth is said to be in 7th dimension (Brahma jyoti) that means they can see all those in the descending dimensions. Brahma jyoti is the connecting link between higher lokas like vaikuntha loka, Goloka etc. So those who are in 7th D they can move beyond according to their virtuous deeds.

The 8th dimension is said to be the dwelling place of Lord Shiva the God of destruction. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati along with Lord Ganesha live in Kailash in Shiva Puran it is explained how to get there. The 9th dimension is known as Vaikuntha Dhama, and here Lord Vishnu exists in the avatar of Narshimha and Varaha, even narayana multiform exists.

The 10th dimension and the final dimension which is the dwelling place of Supreme God is  known as Madhurya dham occupied by sweetness. Madhurya dham is again predominated by 5 sub level this fourfold is the abode of Lord Krishna who is in four forms in this dimension that is pradyumn, vasu dev, aniruddh, sankarsn. The second sub level is Ayodhya dham which is also known as the dwelling place of lord Ram where devotees of lord Ram live, Even Lord Hanuman got the offer to be there as supreme but he refused and stay-back to mrityuloka for spreading spirituality of Ram bhakti and belief among material world. The third sub level is Dwarka Dham and 4th level is Mathura Dham it is the abode of Lord Krishna devotee, those who are immensely devoted to Lord Krishna live there, and it is far more than attending moksh, as those who live there are true and pure devotee of lord krishna, who is extremely dedicated towards Lord Krishna.

The fifth sub level of this 10th dimension is the dwelling place of Supreme Lord Krishna himself which is known as Goloka dham. In Bhagwat Puran it is explained that Lord Krishna expanded himself in the form of Vishnu and Lord Vishnu incarnated himself in the several avataras. But Lord Krishna taken birth in his own form as a supreme Lord and he don’t have only one specific duty. Lord Krishna is the manifestation of perpetuity.

The trailing path to Goloka:

Not everyone aware about the riddle of the truth which is under the veil of precious puranas, vedas, sanghitas and religious write-ups. According to puranas it is very rigorous and tough to get the 10th dimension which is known as Goloka, it is said that Brahma loka the abode of Lord Brahma is full of all pleasure which is incomprehensible but still the Lord Brahma has a material body, which gets old, sick and eventually dies, but lifetime is very long which can not be imagined, but Goloka is beyond this. It is written in Bhagwat puran that the soul who live in Goloka can never return to any descending lokas. In 8th adhaye of Bhagwat Gita it is mentioned that  Goloka is the place where there is eternity, it is beyond moksh  and never be annihilated. Those who chants the maha mantras, their dids become pious. The Maha mantra is ( Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare , Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare). Even in Govinda Damodar Strotam it is written that those who keeps chanting the divine name (Hey Govind Damodar Madhav, Hey Ram Raghunandan Raghav) Lord himself open the door of help for his devotees. For reaching Golok Dham in 8th adhaye of Bhagwat Gita it is mentioned that when our soul is about to depart and we call the name of Krishna then that departing soul reaches 10th dimension automatically but if we keep giving commands to our brain to chant the pious name then only this can happen with our departing soul, because at that very time it is extremely tough to remember the almighty, a story is also mentioned in Bhagwat Puran that a person was calling his son whose name was Narayana, before dying and Lord called him at his abode. So there is no any ritual no any tough work and deep meditation to reach Goloka. Those who are karm yogi and does his virtuous work can also attain Goloka.

So concluding this I wanted to focus upon a point that, it is not mandatory to keep chanting only mantras and shun doing our work, but the focus should be on our virtuous work and even our duty which we are assigned for us. Never forget that we are not the doer the cause of all the causes are Lord Krishna. We have been assigned with work to serve him and once we realize that whatever we are doing the result will be given to lord, then we will fend off from evil duties, the same way when we do prayers we pay attention on hygiene and serve lord with delicacy  so why not we think of doing virtuous work as we have to serve him whatever we are doing the end result will be given to him.We have been bestowed with intellect so that we can identify between good and bad deeds, so keeping the divine name of Krishna ask for piece of mind and soul as well as love, tranquility, serenity and fraternity among us all.

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  1. Nice article.

    There are three more regions or sub levels of Madhurya Dhama –
    1) GoKULA which is the thousand petal lotus region. I believe that Krishna’s residence goloka vrindavana is situated in the inner-most region (centre) of GoKULA. (source – Brahma Samhita)

    3)Svetadvip also known as Navadvipa is a square shaped region, that surrounds the lotus shaped GoKULA.
    (source – Brahma Samhita)

    2) Vraja (This is also part of Madhurya Dhama but i’m not sure in which portion of madhurya dhama it is situtated.

    Same goes for the other regions of madhurya dhama, like-
    Mathura, Dwarka, Svetadvipa, Jagannath Puri.

    I’ve gone through the scripture Brahma Samhita where only GoKULA & Svetadwipa has been described, but i didn’t find any information on Mathura, Dwarka and Jagannath Puri and Vraja (about their exact locations).

    There’s a lecture video on youtube by one prabhu which shows that mathura, dwarka, and puri lies outside svetadvipa, but i cannot find any such information in the shastras whether they actually lie outside svetadvipa or not. Can you help me out about their exact locations. Here’s the video-

    Thanks. Waiting for your reply 🙂

    • Thanks for reading this article and asking query here, I read brahma bhaibritya purana and there it is mentioned that Lord krishna resides there in Goloak dham, and the same explanation of mathura, dwarka, jagannath puri, vraja has been the division which has been done by several great devotees who has experienced the truth, so if u will visit Vrindavan and mathura located in India, there you will see the names of the places and dhamas are also named accordingly, this topic is immense and I will keep probing more just to inform u all as we devotees are the source to this knowledge. In many puranas if u read then u will realize that lord speak to their devotees and let them know about several information. Nothing has changed just the thing is how much is the capacity of our brain to grab them. May be prabhu get this info from lord and its divotees as I have not seen such info but keep on probing the divine books and will let u know about it via another aticle. Kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel also as in the coming time frame I will post every chapters with explanation in my channel with subtitles.

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