Dream & time interpretation – Neutralize bad dreams

The time when we see dreams(s) has its own significance and understanding. In Brahma ‘Vaivarta Purana’ Lord Krishna has described dream and time interpretation to his father ‘Nanda’. When Nanda asked questions about dreams Lord Krishna replied:

Dream & time interpretation

  • Dream experienced in first quarter of night will show result in an year.
  • Dream in second quarter will show its result in 8 months.
  • Dream experienced during third quarter of night will show its effect in 3 months.
  • Fourth quarter dream will show results in fortnight.
  • Dawn dream will show its effect in 10 days.
  • Dream of early morning will show its result in a day or as soon as possible if you wake up immediately.

Overcoming bad dreams and neutralizing its effect

  • Don’t wake up immediately and try to sleep further for some time in case if you think you experienced a bad dream. Waking yourself immediately is good to transmit the effect of a good dream.
  • Reveal your bad dream in front of those who are younger than you.
  • Chanting “Om Namah Shivay ” mantra 180*11 times will reverse the effect of bad dream. If you’re really concerned and worried about your bad dream. Chant this powerful mantra of Lord Shiva.

Watch out below video chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’. This will help you if you’re unfamiliar with this powerful chant.

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