Good and Bad Dreams Explained

Dreams that we experience when we sleep can be good and bad. The important point is a bad dream may indicate a fortune cookie and can be auspicious as well. Whereas a good dream may bring negativity and can have bad effects to your life. According to Brahma ‘Vaivrata Purana’ each dream we see has its own meaning. Let’s try to understand auspicious or inauspicious dreams.

Good or Auspicious dreams

The dream that brings wealth

  • If one dreams about riding an Ox, Horse, Elephant or riding a mountain is likely to become wealthy soon
  • A Brahman (Pundit/Guru) entering home brings great wealth and popularity
  • If one see oneself injured with weapons or see yourself smudged with blood, suffering from furuncle or bitten by insects
  • If you see yourself entering s city at night, see Cow, Lamp, Food, Chariot, Twirler full of water, cows milk and ghee then you will become wealthier soon
  • One will definitely become a king or gets power in hand if he/she sees enjoying Curd (Yogurt), Milk, Honey, Sweets, left out rice, Wearing crown on head or cut off head of oneself
  • Eating meat in dream is sign of getting wealthy
  • Dreaming tree with full of fruits indicates abundance of wealth

Dreams indicating Marriage in your life

  • Sparrows flocking within the premises of house.
  • Wearing yellow colored dress
  • Bitten by white snake on right hand
  • Dreaming mare, hen or bird shows good wife in your life.

Dreams indicating remedy from illness

  • Seeing sun or moon in dream then prolonged disease will leave you
  • If one sees white clothes clad women then for sure illness will get withered away

Dreams indicating Victory

  • Seeing elephant carrying yourself using his trunk to his head is a sign of victory in every work
  • If one get offered flowers by a Brahman (Pundit/Guru) will experience victory
  • Seeing sacred place, palatial building, jewels, houses is a good sign of victory
  • One who sees celestial women entering a house with some vessel full of water or paddy will get great victory and  will become rich

Inauspicious or Bad dream

One will suffer from disease or will be in danger if sees following dreams

  • Seeing yourself laughing, witness marriage or dance & music causes peril to the seer
  • Seeing someone wandering brings loss of wealth
  • To see Pig, Monkey and Cats indicates sudden eruption of danger
  • Seeing angry Brahman will put you in extreme danger
  • One who is being chased by angry buffaloes, donkey, bear, camel will fall ill

Dream indicating Death

  • If one sees moon and sun eclipse
  • Moving in the southern direction on the back of mule, camel or buffaloes
  • If one sees anoint with oil will die within a week
  • One sees cladding  a women in black
  • One dreams of cut off hair or nail
  • Death is inevitable who sees crow, dog attempting to harm you

It’s also important to consider the time of dream. For example, dream experienced in first quarter of night will show result in an year. If you’re really concerned and worried about your bad dream then chant ‘Om Namah Shivay’ a powerful mantra of Lord Shiva 108*11 times to reverse its effect. Refer previous post published in Vedics that mentions Dream & Time Interpretation – Neutralize Bad Dreams

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  1. Very nice and interesting website. the writer is so nice.

  2. I have seen roasted chana and suggested to distribute and also see cut ice cream

  3. this is a recurrent vision that i eat & feed curd … once with honey & once just lie that with a spoon .

    • Eating curd in dream is really a good omen, and you will soon get some good news, as white curd is always an indication of peace and prosperity. so be happy for this, but if you see something which is bad omen then do the chanting of Om Namah Shivay 11*108

  4. its an interesting article

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